Our Mission

The Office of Ethics and Compliance collaborates with the UCSF community and senior leadership to coordinate and guide compliance efforts across the campus. 

Our mission is to ensure institutional compliance with applicable laws and regulations; to promote ethical behavior and research integrity; to provide the tools, guidance, and oversight needed to adhere to all necessary regulatory requirements; and to provide UCSF expertise and support to achieve its mission of advancing health worldwide™.

Located within the Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost, our office promotes compliance by providing the leadership and guidance required to maintain the highest regulatory compliance and ethical standards in research.


Integrity of Research Notice: 
Reporting Allegations of Research Misconduct

Quality research requires adherence to the highest standards of integrity in proposing, conducting and reporting research.  Report suspected Research Misconduct (Fabrication, Falsification and/or Plagiarism) to the UCSF Research Integrity Officer: Brian Smith, Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer, and Senior Associate Vice Chancellor - Research.  

Individuals should not undertake investigations of suspected Research Misconduct on their own; the Office of Ethics & Compliance is responsible for evaluating and investigating all allegations of misconduct related to research at UCSF.  

Integrity of Research Academic Administrative Policy (100-29)

Integrity of Research Procedures


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