UCSF Researcher Code of Conduct

UCSF researchers are expected to perform research with integrity, to uphold ethical values and to demonstrate competence in their area of research. This includes ensuring compliance with applicable, laws, regulations, policies and the terms and conditions of contracts or awards; and assuring work environments are free of discriminatory harassment and are safe and conducive to high-quality work. This page lists specific principles and policies, which together comprise the researcher code of conduct at UCSF.

UC Statement of Ethical Values and Standards of Ethical Conduct

The citizens of California entrust UCSF with the responsibility for providing high quality teaching, health care and research, and for assuring that the highest standards of ethical conduct and integrity are practiced in meeting these responsibilities. The professional conduct of each member of the UCSF community is expected to be consistent with and in compliance with these principles.

UCSF Principles of Community

Recognizing the rich diversity of the UCSF community members, UCSF seeks to offer all campus community members an equitable, inclusive, welcoming, secure, responsive, and affirming environment that fosters mutual respect, empathy and trust. To nurture this environment, several principles of community have been established to guide campus life at UCSF. Adherence to these principles is essential to ensure the integrity of the University and to achieve our goals. All members of the UCSF community are asked to acknowledge and practice these basic principles.


Building a collaborative culture that is unified in its shared values is important for UCSF today and positions UCSF well for the future. As a unifying set of beliefs, values help set expectations, drive decision-making, and build a culture that inspires our actions. This set of overarching values aligns with UCSF's Principles of Community as well as the University of California Statement of Ethical Values and Standards of Ethical Conduct.  

The Contract and Grant Manual

The UC Contract and Grant Manual provides guidance on policies for the solicitation, acceptance or execution, and administration of awards from extramural sponsors.

UCSF Integrity of Research Policy

The UCSF Integrity of Research Policy aims to ensure that research is conducted in a manner appropriate to its academic goals in order to protect and maintain the integrity of research and of UCSF.

UC Faculty Code of Conduct

The Faculty Code of Conduct protects academic freedom, helps preserve the highest standards of teaching and scholarship, and advances the mission of the University as an institution of higher learning. It sets forth the responsibilities of the University to maintain conditions and rights supportive of the faculty’s pursuit of the University’s central functions; and elaborates standards of professional conduct, derived from general professional consensus about the existence of certain precepts as basic to acceptable faculty behavior.

UC Policy on Discrimination, Harassment, and Affirmative Action in the Workplace

This UC Policy underscores the University’s commitment to providing a workplace free of discrimination and harassment; prohibits discrimination against any person employed, seeking employment, or applying for or engaged in paid or unpaid internship or training program leading to employment with the UC; and prohibits harassment of an employee, applicant, paid or unpaid intern, volunteer, person participating in a program leading to employment, or person providing services pursuant to a contract.

UC Interim Policy on Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment

This UC Policy prohibits sexual violence, sexual harassment, retaliation, and other such behavior defined within the Policy. It also addresses the University’s responsibilities and procedures related to sexual violence, sexual harassment, retaliation, and other prohibited behavior.

UC Policy on Abusive Conduct in the Workplace

UC is committed to promoting and maintaining a healthy working environment in which every individual is treated with respect. This policy prohibits abusive conduct and addresses the University’s responsibilities and procedures related to Abusive Conduct and Retaliation for reporting, or participating in, an investigation or other process provided for in this policy.