UCSF Ethics and Compliance Governance

Purpose & Mission

The Office of Ethics and Compliance collaborates with the UCSF community and senior leadership to provide oversight and guidance to compliance functions across the enterprise. Our mission is to foster a culture of compliance, which leads to compliant and ethical behavior across all university functions and activities.


We aim to support UCSF’s mission of advancing health worldwide through a comprehensive compliance and ethics program. The program is developed and maintained in partnership with other central offices and schools, with cooperation of all members of the UCSF community. We aim to deliver compliance through a collaborative, problem solving approach by:

  • providing tools, guidance, and oversight needed to adhere to applicable regulatory requirements and ethical standards;
  • identifying, prioritizing and managing compliance risks;
  • providing relevant compliance training to faculty, staff and students; and
  • providing all stakeholders an opportunity to report issues of possible non-compliance in a confidential manner.
Governance Structure



compliance roles and responsibilities