Foreign Visitors

Hosting international visitors 

UCSF strives to create a welcoming and collaborative environment for international visitors while also upholding our obligation to comply with export control regulations. These regulations exist to safeguard sensitive technology and information from unauthorized transfer outside the U.S. This includes items like lab equipment, software, and technical data, and even visual inspection by visitors subject to export restrictions. While routine academic interactions are usually exempt, some activities may require an export license. 

To ensure compliance, all non-U.S. visitors undergo screening against restricted party lists. Depending on their campus access and visit purpose, access to export-controlled equipment and data may be restricted. 

UCSF utilizes Visual Compliance to perform restricted party screening to identify prohibited and/or restricted parties. To learn about who, what, and when to screen, obtain access to Visual Compliance, and more, please contact the Export Control Office. 

For assistance with international student and scholar visas, please contact UCSF’s International Student & Scholar Services Office

Lab and facility tours 

Before any lab or facility visit, work with the UCSF Export Control Office to:

  • Screen all non-U.S. persons against the specially designated and restricted parties lists
  • Review the proposed activities, determine if access or exposure to controlled items is required, and determine if a license is required. 
  • Identify export-controlled equipment, data, or technology and implement a technology control plan (if necessary) to appropriately secure them from access by unlicensed, non-U.S. persons. 
  • Alert your colleagues to the upcoming visit so they are aware of any potential issues involving controlled items. 

If you are uncertain about any of the requirements, need help developing a technology control plan, or think you may need to apply for an export license, please contact UCSF Export Control for assistance.