Regulatory Support

The Regulatory Support Team within the Office of Ethics and Compliance (OEC) provides free consultations and assistance to UCSF clinical researchers with compliance requirements including:

  • Study record registration
  • Resolving Protocol Registration and Reporting System (PRS) review comments
  • Record maintenance
  • Addressing results reporting issues Regulatory Support Partners

Compliance with regulations and institutional policy is a team effort across many different stakeholders. A chart outlining roles and responsibilities of the various stakeholders is provided below.

Roles and Responsibilities for Compliance with Protocol Registration and Reporting Requirements and Related Institutional Policy.

Establishing user accounts for Principal Investigators (PIs)

To establish user accounts for, please email the Regulatory Support Team at [email protected].


An archive of our Regulatory Support Newsletter, more information, and resources can be found on the UCSF Clinical Research Resource HUB page.

Key Contacts