Research Compliance Units

Conflict of Interest Advisory Committee 

Federal regulations, state laws and University policies recognize that researchers may have financial interests in research sponsors and/or in entities with business interests closely related to their research.  Researchers must submit financial disclosure forms at the time of proposal submission for research funding, when research gift funding is received, and when an application for protocol is submitted for a human clinical study. In those situations where a financial interest and possible conflict of interest are disclosed, each situation is reviewed by an independent substantive review committee.  At UCSF, that committee is the Chancellor’s Conflict of Interest Advisory Committee (COIAC).  Read more on the COIAC website

Export Control

Federal Export Control Regulations govern the transfer of certain physical objects (e.g. equipment, compounds, materials, prototypes, specimens, or components) outside of the United States, conducting financial transactions in certain international locations, and the transfer of certain types of information to foreign persons inside or outside of the U.S. All persons must comply with Federal Export Control Regulations. The consequences of violating the Federal Export Control Regulations are severe and can result in personal and institutional civil and criminal penalties including fines and incarceration.  Read more on the Export Controls website