Privacy Office - Health Information Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA)

UCSF is committed to protecting the medical, personal, and sensitive information about its patients. In health care, the doctor-patient relationship is built on trust and confidentiality. This trust is essential to obtain accurate health information from patients and critical to effectively treat patients. While privacy and confidentiality have always been a priority for health care providers, it has heightened importance in this era of electronic information, with increased speed of information flow and the risks associated with protecting this information.  An increasing number of technological solutions have been implemented at UCSF to protect health care information. However, the key to ensuring that this information remains private and confidential is the team work of UCSF faculty, staff, students, postdocs, and volunteers.  UCSF's efforts to protect patient privacy and confidentiality is supported by federal and state laws.  Read more on the Privacy Office website