The UCSF Ethics, Compliance and Audit Board

The charge to the UCSF Ethics and Compliance and Audit Board is to provide campus oversight to the UCSF ethics and compliance program, as defined by policy and law as well as by standards of prudent public stewardship.  Board membership  is based on role. 

Josh Adler Executive Vice President and Vice Dean
Brian Alldredge Vice Provost, Academic Affairs
Sheila Antrum Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, UCSF Health
Joe Bengfort Associate Vice Chancellor and Chief Information Officer
Alexander Bustamante (ex-Officio) Senior Vice President, Chief Compliance and Audit Officer, Office of the President
Maye Chrisman Vice Dean for Administration and Finance, School of Medicine
Douglas Dresnek Interim Executive Director, Environment, Health and Safety
Elena Fuentes-Afflick Vice Dean for Academic Affairs, School of Medicine
Raju Iyer Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, UCSF Health
Corey Jackson Chief Human Resources Officer
Paul Jenny: Co-Chair Senior Vice Chancellor, Finance and Administration
Larissa Kure Associate Dean, Administration and Finance, School of Dentistry
Farida Lada Chief Campus Compliance Officer, Office of Ethics and Compliance
Daniel Lowenstein: Co-Chair Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost
Angela Lucien Director, Risk Management and Insurance Services
Irene McGlynn Director, Audit and Advisory Services
Suzanne Murphy Executive Director, Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost - Business and Finance Services
Renee Navarro Vice Chancellor, Diversity and Outreach
Michael Nordberg Associate Dean, Administration and Finance, School of Pharmacy
David Rein Associate Dean for Administration and Finance, School of Nursing
Vanessa Ridley

Chief UCSF Health Compliance Officer, and Chief Privacy Officer

Greta Schnetzler Chief Campus Counsel
Brian Smith Senior Associate Vice Chancellor - Research
Brian Smith Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer, Associate Vice Chancellor
Shannon Turner Interim Controller
Elizabeth Watkins Dean, Graduate Division and Vice Chancellor, Student Academic Affairs


As of 08-24-20