Key Points of Contact & Organization


Key Points of Contact

Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer
Senior Associate Vice Chancellor - Research

Brian Smith

415-514-2080 / [email protected]


Associate Director
Joan Doherty
415-502-2792 / [email protected]

Clinical Enterprise Compliance 
Vanessa Ridley: Chief UCSF Health Compliance Officer
415-476-8642 / [email protected]

Conflict of Interest 
Kendra Aiken: Manager
415-476-5566 / [email protected]

Investigations Unit
June Castle: Manager
415-476-4841 / [email protected]

Research Integrity
Kelly Simmons:  Assistant RIO
415-502-1928 / [email protected] 

Administrative Issues 
Irene Broderick: Executive Analyst & Project Associate
415-476-9371 / [email protected]

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Office of Ethics & Compliance Organization Chart

Clinical Enterprise Compliance Program Faculty Advisor Neal H. Cohen, MD
Dr. Cohen (UCSF '71) is the School of Medicine vice dean responsible for international medical services, risk management, compliance and related special projects. Dr. Cohen is a professor of anesthesia and medicine.