Organization & Key Points of Contact 


Office of Ethics and Compliance (OEC)

Brian Smith: Interim Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer
415-514-2080 / [email protected]

Joan Doherty: Associate Director
415-502-2792 / [email protected]

Main Office
415-476-1825 /


Clinical Enterprise Compliance 
Vanessa Ridley: Chief UCSF Health Compliance Officer
415-476-8642 / [email protected]

Conflict of Interest 
Kendra Aiken: Manager
415-476-5566 / [email protected]

Human Research Protection 
Laurie Herraiz: Director
415-514-9246[email protected]

Institutional Animal Care & Use 
415-476-2197 / [email protected]

June Castle: Interim Manager
415-476-4841 / [email protected]

Research Integrity
Kelly Simmons:  Assistant RIO
415-502-1928 / [email protected]

Safety Committees
Barbara Woods: Coordinator
415-476-2198 / [email protected]