PHS-Funded Researchers Must Complete CoI Training


Reminder: PHS-Funded Researchers Must Complete Conflict of Interest Training: Please complete the University of California, Office of the President (UCOP) 2012 Compliance & Conflict of Interest for Research (COIR) course (found @  - search for “COIR"). The COIR course will satisfy both the UCOP and NIH training requirements. Note: The UCOP training is required every two years for all researchers.

If you are supported on an NIH, other PHS grant, or cooperative agreement, you must complete Conflict of Interest training in accordance with new federal regulations.

You may meet this requirement by completing one of the following:

  1. 2012 COIR training module via LMS (search “COIR”)
  1. PHS-COI training module via LMS (search “COI-PHS”)
    Note: If you take this training module, you are still required by UCOP to complete the more extensive COIR course
  1. NIH COI training, available online: 
    Note: If you complete this training, please print the certificate for your records and submit a copy to
  1. COI Smart, the new UCSF electronic disclosure system via MyAccess
    Note: Training will not be available until after August 22

If you submit a new PHS grant or receive/renew a new PHS award after August 24, 2012, you will be contacted to complete your disclosures electronically. You are encouraged to attend a demonstration webinar to learn how to use the system. The schedule is available at

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for UCSF researchers are available on the Conflict of Interest website; written instructions also are available. Additionally, the Department of Health & Human Services has published FAQs online.

Please contact Office of Ethics & Compliance at or Senior Director—Research Compliance Eric Mah at eric.mah@ucsf.eduwith questions.

Memo dated: 8-16-12