Export Control

Export Control Basics

The University of California developed a series of training videos on important topics related to export control. Please click on the links below to start each video.

Federal Export Control Regulation govern the transfer of certain physical objects (e.g. equipment, compounds, materials, prototypes, specimens, or components) outside of the United States, conducting financial transactions in certain international locations, and the transfer of certain types of information to foreign persons inside or outside of the U.S.

All persons must comply with Federal Export Control Regulations. The consequences of violating the Federal Export Control Regulations are severe and can result in personal and institutional civil and criminal penalties including fines and incarceration.

To protect faculty, staff, trainees and the University, the UC Office of the President developed a summary of the Federal Export Control Regulations entitled "Export Compliance in a Nutshell". All faculty, staff and trainees are encouraged to review this summary. Additional export control training material can be located on the UCOP Ethics, Compliance and Audit webpage.

If you or others in your department encounter any of the situations described in this document which include, but are not limited to the situations described in the following bullets, please contact the following offices for further guidance to assure compliance with all export regulations:

  • Shipping equipment, material, or technologies outside of the US
  • Traveling outside of the US with an encrypted laptop or other internet connected electronic device
  • Restrictions on publication within a contract document (Sponsored Research agreement, material transfer agreement, confidentiality agreement, etc.)
  • Performing research or financial transactions in a restricted or embargoed country such as Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan or Syria (Note: restricions change frequently- contact exportcontrol@ucsf.edu to check current restrictions before commencing research).

For general questions related to Federal Export Control Regulations, please contact exportcontrol@ucsf.edu

For shipping items out of the US and related questions, please contact peili.zhu@ucsf.edu of Environmental Health & Safety.

For questions related to Sponsored Research agreements, please contact regnier.jurado@ucsf.edu in Contracts and Grants or mora.mattingly @ucsf.edu in the Industry Contract Divison of the Office of Sponsored Research.